Episode 123

Published on:

30th Jan 2023

The Day Dwyane Wade Gave Me That Look

Sometimes you end up in a place you didn't expect to be, having an experience that changes you somehow. Jan shares the day he was cast on a national TV drama, the wonderful actress opposite him and the Basketball All-Star boyfriend who made the change uncommonly human. And yes, that's the correct spelling of his name!

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All That Matters
life stories that connect us to the good stuff
Challenged by the rollercoaster world, at times, out of balance, each of us could use a story that lifts us up by reframing pain, problems, and lack of potential, and leading us to the uplift we deserve. I'm sharing brief yet remarkable stories from my life and that of others that allow us to see things just a little differently, and that can make all the difference. This podcast delivers 8-15 minute shots of affirmation that will go straight to the heart.

If we feel we are hearing "NO" from the universe, we just haven't found the question that gets us to that powerful "YES!"

Join me for life stories that connect us to the good stuff. We could all use more of that!

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