Episode 107

Published on:

10th Oct 2022

Tom Hanks, Typewriters, and Maple Leaf Fun!


Jan shares stories of how some celebrities do it: Hanks and typewriters, Beyonce and actual Beehives-and introduces us to his simple childhood game of catching autumn leaves: pointing us to the power and balance created when we simply prioritize fun!

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All That Matters
life stories that connect us to the good stuff
Challenged by the rollercoaster world, at times, out of balance, each of us could use a story that lifts us up by reframing pain, problems, and lack of potential, and leading us to the uplift we deserve. I'm sharing brief yet remarkable stories from my life and that of others that allow us to see things just a little differently, and that can make all the difference. This podcast delivers 8-15 minute shots of affirmation that will go straight to the heart.

If we feel we are hearing "NO" from the universe, we just haven't found the question that gets us to that powerful "YES!"

Join me for life stories that connect us to the good stuff. We could all use more of that!

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